Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Galaxy nails - then and now!

I think one of my very first attempts at nail art were galaxy nails. These ones:

I didn't know what I was doing but by golly, I was doing them! I don't think I had seem or read any tutorials but I gave the concept a go.

I have since watched a few tutorials and my latest attempt is far more pleasing:

The stars are a bit bigger and less precise than I would have wanted but the galaxies themselves look pretty good. I started with a base of 'Shruikan', a black holo polish by Celestial Cosmetics, and sponged on a white polish. I sponged a dark blue holo ('You Win or You Die' by Celestial Cosmetics also) around the other edges of the white with a lighter blue holo ('Sea of Tranquility' by Celestial Cosmetics) through the middle, blending the blues in a bit. I then went right through the middle again with the white, just a few dabs here and there at the centre of the galaxy. Finally, I neatened the whole thing up by sponging the black holo around the edges a bit.

The holo polish is such a good idea for galaxy nails. So easy to get the galaxy look with far less effort. I'm really quite pleased with the result!

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