Friday, June 24, 2016

Punning it up with Celestial's Pun-Tastic range

Who doesn't love a good pun?!

Me. That's who. Me. Puns make me cringe and shudder and wail and that only seems to encourage the sadistic punsters in my life. And now even polish is turning against me! Luckily, they are great colours, so that eases the pain somewhat, I suppose. 

Let's begin with 'Irr-Elephant', grimacing quickly at the name and moving on!

Direct sunlight

This is a bright candy pink. Barbie pink. PINK pink. SO PINK. I'm not much of a pink person, mostly because the colour clashes with my skin tone so much. Objectively, I know this is a pretty colour but it is overwhelming on me in a way that it would not be for many other people.

Lamp light

It has vivid holo throughout and sparkles merrily in the sun. In the shade, as the next picture will show, there is still a lot of cuteness as there are silver flakies scattered through the polish.

Natural light

The colour is a bit overwhelming on me as a block but I was determined to make it work - and I think I did. Polka dots make everything better:

Seen here working some 80s vibes with 'Silent Night', an older Celestial black holo polish. Pink pink, hot pink, 80s pink. I totally get this one now!

Moving on! 'Don't Listen, He's Lion' is a green holo with scattered bronze-copper flakies that lend a pretty great effect of a speckled dragon egg in the shade.

Natural light

These speckles take a back seat in the sun as the polish just comes alive!

Direct sun

There are echoes of 'Unicorn Fields' in this polish in the golden sheen, though this is a much lighter green.

 Lamp light

And the best news? Despite glittery flakes through the polish, it was a cinch to remove! No scrubbing, no foil. Easy peasy.

Onwards to 'I Don't Give a Fox'. 

Direct sun

So pretty. A beautiful holo that shifts colour dramatically from an indigo-leaning blue to an turquoise aqua hue and everything in between.

Lamp light

Natural light

It is similar to my favourite of these swatches, the topaz-like 'Freaking Meow T'.

 Direct sunlight

Freaking gorgeous. Words defyingly gorgeous. Words making-upingly gorgeous.

Indirect sunlight

Lamp light

Natural light

It's just so pretty! And that was the lot for this round of swatches! Bye!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sickly sweet nail art

I guess when you are using polishes from a collection called 'Awkward Pet Names' (well, actually the collection is called 'The Well Meaning but Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names'), sickly sweet is a grave possibility. 

Taping and random dots with my small dotter tool and sudden onset type-II diabetes.

Been a while!

I haven't been busy, so that's not an excuse. I just haven't done anything terribly exciting that needed to be blogged. So here are a few snaps of a few not-terribly-exciting nails.

First up, some stamping with Emily de Molly.

'Queen of the Sea' is a beautiful aqua green with gold shimmer and flakes. It really doesn't need jazzing up with the stamping but 'need' doesn't stop me. The stamping was a bit shoddy (more on that later) but the golden flakes and the shimmer hides that admirably.

Next cab off the ranks, this ... thing.

I'm not  sure what I was going for with the berries/flowers/vines, but whatever it was, it didn't work. It looks a bit messy and a bit too Christmassy. However, how great is that red? 'Looks that Kill' by Pretty Serious is pretty phenomenal. One coat to opaque!

Next, more stamping.

Pretty Serious' polishes usually stamp really well. The cremes are quite thick, while remaining easy to apply, and heavily pigmented. So this poor stamping, and the poor stamping above with Emily de Molly's generally excellent 'Gold' stamping polish, is perplexing and annoying. I'm blaming the new clear jelly stamper I used, which I have since buffed a bit so the next stamping adventure should be easy. If not, back to my steady and reliable MoYou Marshmallow stamper.

And finally, easy peasy.

Pretty Serious' 'Absence' remains my favourite black polish. I have left my goth teen years behind me and I can't do just plain black any more (booooooring!), so I glitzed this up with ILNP's 'Empire', a sparkly holo gold with shards of silver flakies that make the polish incredibly shiny.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fun with F. U. N!

Simply Nailogical and F. U. N Lacquer teamed up to create some gasp-worthy polishes last month. They sold out fast but I managed to nab my favourites from an Australian distributor and they arrived last night. I couldn't wait to try 'How Deep is Your Holo' for reasons that will become evident ...

So, that's 'Black Holo Witch', 'How Deep is Your Holo (H)', and 'How Deep is your Holo' all laid out, sparkling like sin. Sin is sparkly, right? Deep, dark and sparkly? I thought so. Good.

Anyway, the holo of the (H) suspension mutes the blue of 'How Deep is Your Holo' a bit in the bottle (I haven't swatched a comparison yet because the non-holo is too pretty to take off!) but is still entirely glorious, as you can see above. But onto the swatches of the non-(H)!
Natural Daylight

 Lamp light

Direct sunlight

Isn't it glorious?! It's like the glitter is suspended in coloured jelly polish, there is so much depth to the whole thing. But it isn't! It's clear polish base! 

This polish was definitely worth the hype. Absolutely. And, as this was my first F. U. N Lacquer polish, it may have started a new brand obsession. Perfect timing with my birthday coming up in a few short weeks ... ! 

Monday, June 6, 2016


I won't write a how to. I will post a link to how to, though! My Simple Little Pleasures is pretty much the Godmother of watermarbling and her Youtube tutorials are invaluable. Here's a great playlist with a whole lot of watermarbling happiness. I watched a lot of these. A lot. And then I tried to do it and failed.

Things I learned:
  • Water must be at room temperature (fill a bottle with roomish temperature water and then just wait a while before beginning the project).
  • Some people used filtered water. Tap water seems to be fine.
  • The vessel for the water must not be coated. 
  • The vessel for the water must not be made from styrofoam ... !
  • Some polishes work, others don't. There's no way to know which is which without trying them out - some polishes by some brands work while others from the same brand don't.
  • It takes a bit of practise.
  • It's very messy. No, like really messy.

Once cleaned up, it's pretty! This was my first real attempt at marbling and I was pretty happy with it. Things I didn't actually consider, though it ought to have been obvious: the colours fade when you marble them. Those pinks on my nail were actually a couple of shades of purple (I can't remember the polish names or the brands), and the light grey was a gunmetal silver-grey. I marbled them over white and had this muted raspbery-swirl effect, which is pretty but not for the non-pink inclined such as myself.

My next attempt was with a blue base, and I marbled with the same blue and a purple. I think these were Sinful Colors polishes, excellent for marbling mostly because they are cheap! You use a lot of polish for marbling so expensive polishes may not be the best way to go.

I gave the marbling a bit of a break until fairly recently when I decided to give it a go in celebration of 'Captain America: Civil War'.  

These were all Celestial Cosmetics holos; 'Snow Unicorn', 'Fire and Blood' and 'On Your Left'.

While these polishes marble well, their holos become rather muted, which is a bit sad. Also, the red 'Fire and Blood' became rather pink, alas.

And finally, last night's efforts:

Possibly the most impressive in terms of colour. I think using a silver glitter polish underneath was the thing that did it for this one. Removal will be a bit of a bastard but look at how those colours pop! I will try it again with a silver polish to see if the vibrancy can be maintained without the horror of the removal. The glitter polish was 'Greenwich Park' by Nails Inc, and the colours were all cheapies by Sinful Colors.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I'm Australian!

I mean, I'm still British, but I am ALSO Australian! No riots today, no spitting on politicians, no slapping papers out of the same politicians' hands, so the ceremony proceeded and I became Australian! The wattle flowers were long gone but I did a different thing to mark the occasion.

Still using Australian indie polishes by another one of my favourite Australian indie brands, this time I used Celestial Cosmetics for my mani. I kept true to my Inner West of Sydney hipsterishness, which dovetails neatly with my east end of London hipsterishness, and made a deconstructed Australian flag.

It was a simple and messy endeavour, all painted freehand with a nail art brush, but the result is pretty effective.

More so in the shade than the sun, where the holo is just screaming with excitement but muting the design in the process.

Oh, and I have to stress, the Southern Cross is on the middle finger for a reason. "Go back to where you came from"?