Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day!

It's a variation on the Santa buckle theme:

But in green! A superbly serpentine green, which is ironic, but such holo!

Polishes were the stunning 'Unicorn Fields' and 'Cakes and Rainbows' by Celestial Cosmetics, and a gluggy 'Dark Room' by Sinful Colors.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More stamping

I don't know why I don't stamp my nails more often. I got my first stamping kit a couple of years ago and, despite being driven into a state of some frenzy about how difficult it could be to master, it was actually surprisingly simple and effective.

That was my first stamping attempt. I mean, there were a few practice runs and a couple of nails had to be redone but, on the whole, it was much less painless than it could have been. The stamping kit was by Konad, and served me well as I stamped some pretty and delicate flowers. And that was pretty much it for a while ... I don't really envisage there existing a time when I will want to stamp shoes onto my nails, or dice, or any of the other oddities that fill those stamping plates. But roses, roses I could do!


And polka dots! Before I started to just dot them on freehand, anyway:

 But now, I am increasingly ridiculous about what I stamp. Classiness is out of the window - just jazz it all up! Because, look, if I have holo polish that contains scattered flakies, why not go that step further?


Monday, March 14, 2016

Mardi Gras nails ... only a week late!

These took longer than one would expect because it's all so fiddly.

Begin with a white base coat and section off the areas evenly with tape or vinyls:

Fill the gaps with holo polish and take the vinyls off quickly with tweezers. Because the layer of coloured polish was so thin, I took the vinyls off between colours, so after red and orange, before painting in the yellow, and then when every other colour was added.

And the end result:

Simple but effective!

Friday, March 4, 2016

A Selection of Celestial's new shades

Oh, summer is finally FINALLY drawing it's stupid, stinky, humid self to a close. Let us celebrate with polish! And by being able to sleep at night! But mostly polish!

Beginning with 'Cakes & Rainbows', this polish a a lovely, elegant gold holo.



[Direct sunlight]

Everyone needs a simple gold holo in their collections and this colour is beautifully toned, and simple enough for everyday wear. The simplicity of this polish is mirrored by the next polish in the collection. 'Snow Unicorn' is a frosty silver-grey holo that is understated and elegant without losing any interest.


[Natural daylight] 

[Direct sunlight]

It's not all sedate and office-ready, though. Meet 'Unicorn Fields', and there is nothing understated about her. 


[Natural daylight]

 [Direct sunlight]

It's a gorgeous deep green with a golden sheen that catches the light as the holo dances beneath. It's a bold and stunning look.

And finally, my personal favourite, 'Farting Rainbows'. 


 [Natural daylight]

[Direct sunlight]

It is just such a gorgeous polish, the pale blue flickering under a light purple overlay, and all the holo beneath. Just utterly delightful.