Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Foil-finish gradient

It had been quite some time since I have done a gradient and I don't think I had ever done one with foil-finish polishes like this. A purple shimmered blue, a gold shimmered purple and a gold shimmered pink, all by Emily de Molly.

Empty Journal, Savvy Trinket, and Crystal Cavern all sponged on together.

The rainbow theme continues!

Just quickly!

Painted black (which doesn't signify anything other than that I like black polish), added a white tip and then striped the colours over the white. All the polishes (bar the green) were Pretty Serious ones; the green was Robin Hood by Powder Perfect.

The Super Mario theme continues!

I've been wanting to do Mario nails for ages but delicate little drawings on my nails are just not my forte. So I went with a Mario theme rather than attempting to paint the character himself.

I really really like how the pipe turned out! Everything else was okay.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


So, I've had these browns in my collection for a while, along with a bunch of other amazing Nails Inc polishes that I got from a destash. The Goombas didn't look great. The eyebrows are iffy. And the lacy-feathery intentions of the other thing with the white also didn't work well. But the colours look good together! I have to find something to do with them!

Yet more rainbows!

I'm really feeling the rainbows at the moment! These are with a variety of Pretty Serious shades. I didn't use a white base coat so it's a bit streaky here and there but I'm sure these vertical rainbows will enter regular rotation.

More rainbows!

For Pride, which I was lucky enough to attend in New York.

I did them just before leaving Sydney so by the time Pride rolled around, about 10 days later, they were looking a little flaky around the cuticles.  Still, not bad for polish staying power! Good work ILNP!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Monet nails

First bit of nail art I have done this year that I was actually really pleased with!

The inspiration image:

 The nails: